Pet Sematary - Dead fall

The character models were created in Fuse and posed in Photoshop and Maximo. Other elements were added in Photoshop with highlights and fine detail being applied on the Ipad using Photoshop for IPad). A low poly log was created in SketchUp and then imported into Adobe Dimension where it had a simple texture applied that would later act as a base for my paint over. I duplicated the log several times in order to create the initial set up of the deadfall. Characters were also changed at the end of the process and a final look at the colour pallet in Lightroom was carried out.

Antony carlyon ps7

Low poly logs created in sketchUp.

Antony carlyon ps1

Low poly log build up with additional Assets.

Antony carlyon ps lighting

Playing around with creating additional lighting effects in Dimension using spheres with a glow material applied.

Antony carlyon ps2

lighting test 2

Antony carlyon ps8

lighting test 3

Antony carlyon ps9

lighting test 4

Antony carlyon ps5

lighting test 5 with Photoshop effects.

Antony carlyon ps final

Final piece.