Rebel Take over project - in Adobe Dimension

This project was created using Adobe Dimension, Google Sketchup, Adobe Fuse, Mixamo, Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop for IPad and Adobe Lightroom. Structures were created using a Kitbash stock model that was modified in SketchUp and manipulated in Adobe Dimension. Character models were assembled in Adobe Fuse and then exported out to Mixamo for rigging and posing. These were then pulled back into Dimension where the scene was set up. This setup included creating environment lighting, composition and several test renders. Once I was happy with the block-out I started adding textures in Adobe Dimension. These were anything from improved textures for characters clothes to concrete and metal textures for weapons and buildings. Once I was happy with low-res test shots I set off the hires render. With this complete, I brought the image into Adobe Photoshop for some brush work(atmosphere, special effects and some light adjustments) as well as a general paint over.

Antony carlyon block out current view
Antony carlyon mraws last stand 11 current view
Antony carlyon screenshot 2019 05 17 at 15 09 01

blockout pose 1

Antony carlyon test 3c block out this one current view

blockout pose 2

Antony carlyon screenshot 2019 05 17 at 15 19 49

Pose option 3

Antony carlyon women final alt 1 test

Rendered scene 1

Antony carlyon women 2nd 5

Rendered scene 2

Antony carlyon women final 2

Rendered scene final

Antony carlyon rebel 3

Colour variation