Locomotive Metropia 2042

Based on the Flying Scotsman this piece was intended to be my entry into the Artstation NVIDIA Metropia 2042 - Vehicles of the Future competition. When I realised I could only use 3d apps and it did not allow the use of Photoshop I pulled out. I kept all rough sketches though and revisited it as a vanity project after the competition was over.

I had several ideas for the project that were all based on the premise of climate change. I didn’t
want to go too nuts and have flying cars or hoverboards but instead looked at harsher environments
that needed sturdier hardware to navigate through them. In the end, I went for the big freeze.

Antony carlyon train group

Assets where modelled in SketchUp, Cinema 4d and imported from various kitbash sets. It was then
assembled, textured and rendered in Dimension.

Antony carlyon train group2

For texturing I used a combination of 3d Coat, Substance Painter and
Adobe Dimension as well as using Dimension for glows and other effects. As I assembled the train I did a lot of exploring/experimenting resulting in a sleeker design.

Antony carlyon train 1

I experimented with different environments and compositions.

Antony carlyon train4

Environment 2

Antony carlyon train3

Environment 3

Antony carlyon train 1

Final Piece