Dungeon Encounter

This piece is one of the many Adobe Dimension Projects I've been working on recently. It is constructed using many of the Adobe starter assets within Dimension, some Adobe Stock objects and a couple of pieces from kitbash libraries that I have purchased and modified(Mudbox).

Antony carlyon dungeon encounter 1

Adobe Dimension starter and adobe stock 3d assets were used to create the stage while stock models (modified in Mudbox) were used for the characters.

Antony carlyon spider

Characters came from a kit bash library (I think they are assets for 3d printing) they were reshaped in Mudbox and textured in Dimension and Substance Painter.

Antony carlyon dungeon fight new test

Environment Background 2

Antony carlyon dungeon fight 9e test

Environment Background 3

Antony carlyon dungeon encounter 2 test

I textured assets in Dimension to make it easier for the paint over later in Photoshop for iPad.

Antony carlyon dungeon encounter 6 test

Once I was happy with the environment I new started to Paint over in Photoshop for iPad, adding vortex, smoke and debris as well as some photo bashing for the stairs.

Antony carlyon dungeon encounter 5

I played with the values and style some more and then went on to add some more colour.

Antony carlyon dungeon 6

The finished piece.