The Lost Boys Cave re-imagined in Adobe Dimension (paint over)

For this Dimension project, I set about reimagining the Lost Boys cave in Adobe Dimension. Eager not to create a straight-up replica of the Lost Boys lair I instead tried to approach it with fresh eyes. I researched hotels within the San Francisco area (1875-1906) and although it suggested that the lair was based on the Valencia Street Hotel, architectural styles within the movie made me think it was more likely the Old Palace Hotel (which survived the Earthquake only to burn down hours later). I used props from Googles 3d Warehouse as a base and created the archways, pillars, and rubble. With these props I then created a rough environment to give me an idea of how I wanted to use the space, it also helped act as a road map for setting up my scene in Adobe Dimension. The base for the main character was created in Fuse and posed in Maximo, his chair is a Dimension model purchased from Adobe Stock and modified.

Antony carlyon props

SketchUp props

Antony carlyon sketch up2

SketchUp layout 1

Antony carlyon sketch up1

SketchUp layout 2

Antony carlyon cave new grey box

Dimension set up 1

Antony carlyon cave new grey box2

Dimension set up zoom

Antony carlyon cave new grey box3

Dimension set up David zoom

Antony carlyon david fuse

David fuse model(posed in Maximo)

Antony carlyon lost boys 4 blue new

Colour option 1

Antony carlyon lost boys 5

Colour option 2

Antony carlyon lost boys final4